The Threat of Alien Technology

Recent news headlines have stated that astronomers may have found something that could be alien technology.  The search for extra terrestrial life has found something, although we are unsure what, that is very unusual.  While observing the star KIC 8462852 scientists discovered that something was interfering with the signal they were receiving back from KIC 8462852.  This, according to many astronomers could be an indication of an alien built structure.

The Keppler deep space telescope picked up a massive structure that all of a sudden started to block light emitted by the star.  The object which is larger than Jupitar has caused excitement throughout the world of science with many stating that this could be the biggest story since the beginning of mankind.

The object was first spotted in 2009 and since that time scientists have been ruling out everything that might cause the obstruction of the light rays.  They are now starting to believe that the only logical theory left is that the object is something that has been constructed.  They are now moving onto the second stage of confirming that may be some form of alien structure by aligning the earth’s radio telescopes towards the area in hope of picking up radio noise that will give further information about the structure.

If we have found alien life then things might start to change on Earth.  For starters, where does this leave the Earth’s religions?  None of the main religions have room for the inclusion of alien life.  This could make everyone of them obsolete, unless they quickly change the meaning of their doctrines.  But that may just be the start of our worries…

If scientists do discover an alien life form that can build such a massive structure then we might be better leaving them well alone.

Life on Earth is quite a new thing compared to the age of the universe we live in.  If there are other life forms around then they will be at least thousands of years in advance of life on earth.  When you think of how we, the human race has evolved over a few thousand years it is doubtful if we can imagine how advanced we will be in a few thousand more.  If there is alien life then the question has to be will they, if capable, bother to find us?

KIC 8462852 is 1480 light years away from the earth, a distance that is impossible for us to travel.  So even if we did find there was an alien mega structure that contained alien life, then we could never make so called contact.  However, since the life form would be thousands, if not millions of years in advancement of human intelligence then it may be possible that they could visit us.

Don’t start worrying yet though.  Any super advanced beings would probably just find us boring.  What could we offer them that would cause them to bother about visiting us?   If you found a nest of spiders would you try to communicate with them?  Probably not.  In fact you would probably destroy them.

What do you think.  If scientists have found intelligent aliens then should we try to make contact?  What do you think will happen if we do?



Truck Hits Motorway Gantry

What was the truck driver thinking?

Driving along the motorway with the rear bed of the truck still raised this fool steers straight in to the overhead gantry.   Maybe he was just having one of those days where everything goes wrong or maybe he just didn’t give a hoot.  Whichever it was he certainly made a mess of the signs

Truck hits sign


If there’s one thing that gets people saying Ooooooooooooooooooooo and Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww it’s this tiny horse.  It must be the the cutest thing on the web.  Take a look at the video as it trots around following its owner.  Awwwwwww

tiny horse

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Don’t Leave Your Dog in the Car

You might love your pampered pooch and you might not like to leave him at home when you are out and about but please, don’t leave him in your car on a hot day. Dogs don’t sweat like we do and are not able to open the window or door if they start getting hot. Think before you leave your dog in the car, it doesn’t take long until a dogs organs start to be affected by heat.

If you care about your dog then don’t do it!





Daniel Radcliffe Helps Out

Daniel Radcliffe spends a few minutes as a receptionist and finds out that real work isn’t that easy for him.

Basically Harry Potter sucks at being a receptionist, he can’t even use a phone correctly.




Harry Potter

Austerity Protests 2015

I’m not sure if you are aware but the UK government is due to make devastating cuts to welfare benefits that could see hundreds of thousands living on the streets.   Although the government have informed the press about two billion in cuts, there will be an additional ten billion that will be cut from the welfare budget during 2015.  This will leave people with no option but to protest on mass against the cuts.

Of course the government have already planned ahead for mass protests.  During 2014 the go ahead was given for UK police forces to be allowed to use water cannon to prevent any large protest from turning into riot situations. Although the government tried to play out that previous riots were the reason for giving permission, the actual paperwork stated that the police forces needed to have water cannon permission due to the austerity cuts that were due in 2015.

We can assume that the austerity cuts will be devastating to people on benefits in Britain, and we can also assume that many people will rise up against the government and fight the cuts.

Twenty fifteen looks like being the year people revolt against an unfair and unjust government, with protests that will shake the very foundations of a class based democracy like never before.


Fox Hunting Planned to Return to UK

British Prime Minister David Cameron vowed that if he triumphed at the 2015 elections and became Prime minister for a second term, then he will put forwards a free vote for making fox hunting in the UK legal.

The Prime Minister stated on the Countryside Alliance website (the statement page has now been removed) that “I have always been a strong supporter of country sports. It is my firm belief that people should have the freedom to hunt, so I share the frustration that many people feel about the Hunting Act.”  The free vote will give the Tory MP’s the chance of repealing the legislation and allow fox hunting with packs of dogs to be lawful again in  the UK.  Even though the majority of people in the UK are against this terrible sport it is thought that the bill will pass through parliament without a problem.

A keep countryside sport enthusiast the Prime minister, a member of the Heythrop Hunt in Oxfordshire, also enjoys shooting deer as a pastime.  The repeal of fox hunting has probably more to do with him being a part of the UK’s upper classes than anything to do with controlling the fox population. Foxes are a part of the wildlife system in Britain and hunting the poor creatures is nothing to do with control.  It is however a game played by people that get excitement and satisfaction from seeing an animal killed in the most horrific way possible.

If you feel that hunting foxes with a pack of dogs is wrong then please sign the petition against David Cameron’s making fox hunting in the UK legal. You will find the petition at >


If you like foxes then you are going to love this video of a pet fox :-)




Pet Fox

Best Card Trick in the World…

This card trick will shock and amaze you…

I have no idea how this trick is done but the results are amazing.   I am a skeptical person and also analyse everything within my sight to make sure that I fully understand what, when, why and HOW things work, so imagine my amazement when I watch this video of a magician doing a card trick.   I deliberately picked a random card, and then deliberately changed the card, so I was sure that there was no way the card trick was going to work…Imagine the shock when the guy flicks up the very card I was thinking of…This has to be the best card trick in the world!  In fact if it isn’t then it should be the best card trick in the world.  Watch the video yourself and be amazed…If this isn’t the best card trick in the world then please send me a link to the best card trick in the world to prove your point.

Prepare to be amazed…







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Why Amazon Drone Delivery Will Never Work

Whoever came up with the idea of Amazon drone deliveries must be in cloud cuckoo land.

I am not and do not confess to be an expert on drone technology but using them to deliver anything at all just seems to be plain crazy and something that will never happen.  In my opinion I just think that Amazon are using the idea as a public relations stunt.  If people thought the idea through they might just seen the flaws that delivering anything through the use of a flying frizzby is just not feasible.  Let’s take a look at a few issues that Amazon seem to never mention…

  • How will the drone find the correct address?
    Has anyone at Amazon ever used a sat nav to find an address?  Sometimes they work great but at other times they completely lose the plot altogether and end up taking you round in circles. They are also not accurate enough to find the house number, many times the sat nav will take you to the rear of the property, or nowhere near if the address is in an area with bad GPRS reception.
  • Where will the drone land?
    Looking out of my bedroom window there is a mismash of telephone and electricity cables waiting to trip up anything that would want to land on the street.  Even if the technology allowed the drone to weave through the wiring then there is still the question of where it will land to deliver the goods.  Maybe Amazon think that people the drone will land in peoples gardens, if that is the case then what about those who live in flats or apartments where there is no garden?
  • What if it’s raining?
    Drones don’t fly in bad weather and even if they did, would you really want your 50″ HD TV delivering in the rain?
  • What about large items?
    How will a plastic drone deliver a 50″ HD TV to your home?  I guess the best answer is to use a larger drone but then would you really want a massive drone carrying large TVs flying through the air?
  • Safety
    With all of the Amazon drones buzzing around the place there is certainly going to be issues with how safe they will be. Even if the drone is small there must be issues with them crashing from the sky, hitting people, animals and vehicles.  The amount of legal damage claims would see Amazon’s profits drop like a brick from a drone.
  • Theft
    Wondering how Amazon will protect your valuable purchase from being stolen during transit?  I guess this must be one of the biggest flaws in the idea.  There is no doubt that thieves will have a field day shooting the drones from the sky and running off with the goods and the expensive drone.  And how will Amazon protect the goods theft after they have been dumped on your property by the drone?  (something that Amazon don’t seem to have thought about)

Let’s be realistic about this once and for all. The whole idea is a logistical and legal nightmare.  Amazon drone delivery is just a PR stunt and nothing more.

If you are still not convinced then watch the video below or leave a reply at the bottom of the page