Idiot on the Eiffel Tower

Free Climbing the Eiffel Tower

Many people have journeyed up the Eiffel Tower, they usually take the lift up, but this guy really takes things to the extreme.  He doesn’t take the lift, he climbs his way to the top.  What is even more unbelievable is that he does so without a safety rope.

OK, some of you will no doubt find the video exciting and feel that what he does is quite amazing.  The truth is a little different though…

It is reckless, dangerous, and illegal.

One slip and he would have fallen to his death.  Even if he had landed without hitting another person his body would have exploded upon hitting the concrete at the base of the tower.  Not great for the people who would need to clean up the mess.

Hopefully the French police will have arrested this guy and hopefully they will imprison him to save him from killing himself when attempting to do another crazy stunt just so he can get YouTube views.

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