The Truth About Hydration

How much water should you drink?


You need to drink TWO litres of Water Per Day, Right?


The reality is that we have all been conned about the amount of water we need to consume on a daily basis.  Most of us think that we need to drink around two litres of water to keep healthy, possibly more if it’s hot or you’re doing an energetic sports activity.  The truth is that the hydration theory is a marketing ploy by large corporations which use it to sell more drink products to their gullible customers.  Watch the video below and find out the real truth behind the hydration myth…


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This Family is Certainly BEARing up under pressure…

Every family likes to have a pet, some people like dogs, some people like cats, and others, maybe a Goldfish.  But not in RUSSIA…

This family have taken things to another level and adopted a pet Bear!  I know, it’s unBEARleavable :-)

At over seven feet tall, the grizzly faced ‘Stepan,’ that’s his name, towers above his owners.  His daily routine includes chomping through 25kg of fish, vegetables and eggs, before relaxing by putting his gigantic feet up and watching TV with the family.



Car Wash Monkey

Don’t take your wife through the car wash, especially is she is a monkey.  You won’t believe what happens when this man takes his pet monkey through a car wash.

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How to get rid of a Door to Door Salesmen

Door to door sales people who knock on your door can be a real pain in the ass. Wasting your time and trying your patience as they waffle on trying to convince you to buy there wares, while at the same time trying to convince you they aren’t selling anything.  The guy in this video sure makes the little door sales person think he might have knocked on the wrong door at the wrong time.  Take a look LOL

The Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam


On January the 6th 2014 a young Canadian tourist booked into the Cecil House Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.  Nothing bizarre about that, but what happened during the following hours will send shivers down your spine.

Eighteen days after booking in 21 year old Elisa Lam’s dead body was found floating inside the hotels fresh water tank.  The only reason her body was found is because guests started complaining about the low water pressure and the bad taste of the drinking water.   What happened to Elisa Lam prior to her death remains a mystery.  One thing is certain though, the few things that are known are bizarre.   Take a look at the video below for the full story…

Don’t miss this Crazy Car Drivers video

Car Crashes like never seen before


Just when you thought you had seen it all…

You think you have seen it all, and then you realise you haven’t seen anything yet.

Take a look at this video compilation of crazy car drivers, as they crash and smash their way along the road.  This has to be the best car crash video on the Internet.  Crazy Car Crash Drivers.

It just goes to show that there are some idiot drivers on the roads.

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Grannies try Fireball Whisky

Fireball Whisky

Watch what happens when the grannies try Fireball Whisky for the first time.  Their reaction might surprise you.

You won’t believe what happens when these grannies try Fireball Whisky!


Hottest fireball whisky

Monday Morning Smile

After a relaxing weekend it’s sometimes hard to get motivated on Monday morning.  The best way to start your week is with a smile!  Watch as animals make people jump in this hilarious video put together by Koot Animals.  It’s certain to make your week start with a smile.

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Amazing Mog

Christmas is coming and to celebrate the fact Sainsburys have released their Christmas 2015 advert.   Meet Mog and see what happens on Christmas morning in this amazingly well made video that has to be the best Christmas advert ever.

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Idiot on the Eiffel Tower

Free Climbing the Eiffel Tower

Many people have journeyed up the Eiffel Tower, they usually take the lift up, but this guy really takes things to the extreme.  He doesn’t take the lift, he climbs his way to the top.  What is even more unbelievable is that he does so without a safety rope.

OK, some of you will no doubt find the video exciting and feel that what he does is quite amazing.  The truth is a little different though…

It is reckless, dangerous, and illegal.

One slip and he would have fallen to his death.  Even if he had landed without hitting another person his body would have exploded upon hitting the concrete at the base of the tower.  Not great for the people who would need to clean up the mess.

Hopefully the French police will have arrested this guy and hopefully they will imprison him to save him from killing himself when attempting to do another crazy stunt just so he can get YouTube views.