Why Amazon Drone Delivery Will Never Work

Whoever came up with the idea of Amazon drone deliveries must be in cloud cuckoo land.

I am not and do not confess to be an expert on drone technology but using them to deliver anything at all just seems to be plain crazy and something that will never happen.  In my opinion I just think that Amazon are using the idea as a public relations stunt.  If people thought the idea through they might just seen the flaws that delivering anything through the use of a flying frizzby is just not feasible.  Let’s take a look at a few issues that Amazon seem to never mention…

  • How will the drone find the correct address?
    Has anyone at Amazon ever used a sat nav to find an address?  Sometimes they work great but at other times they completely lose the plot altogether and end up taking you round in circles. They are also not accurate enough to find the house number, many times the sat nav will take you to the rear of the property, or nowhere near if the address is in an area with bad GPRS reception.
  • Where will the drone land?
    Looking out of my bedroom window there is a mismash of telephone and electricity cables waiting to trip up anything that would want to land on the street.  Even if the technology allowed the drone to weave through the wiring then there is still the question of where it will land to deliver the goods.  Maybe Amazon think that people the drone will land in peoples gardens, if that is the case then what about those who live in flats or apartments where there is no garden?
  • What if it’s raining?
    Drones don’t fly in bad weather and even if they did, would you really want your 50″ HD TV delivering in the rain?
  • What about large items?
    How will a plastic drone deliver a 50″ HD TV to your home?  I guess the best answer is to use a larger drone but then would you really want a massive drone carrying large TVs flying through the air?
  • Safety
    With all of the Amazon drones buzzing around the place there is certainly going to be issues with how safe they will be. Even if the drone is small there must be issues with them crashing from the sky, hitting people, animals and vehicles.  The amount of legal damage claims would see Amazon’s profits drop like a brick from a drone.
  • Theft
    Wondering how Amazon will protect your valuable purchase from being stolen during transit?  I guess this must be one of the biggest flaws in the idea.  There is no doubt that thieves will have a field day shooting the drones from the sky and running off with the goods and the expensive drone.  And how will Amazon protect the goods theft after they have been dumped on your property by the drone?  (something that Amazon don’t seem to have thought about)

Let’s be realistic about this once and for all. The whole idea is a logistical and legal nightmare.  Amazon drone delivery is just a PR stunt and nothing more.

If you are still not convinced then watch the video below or leave a reply at the bottom of the page

Karma Cat

Revenge of the cat

Don’t kick the cat or he may kick back.  Watch the video below and see how this cat kicks back at his owner for pushing him off his comfy chair.  They say karma gets you eventually, in this case the cat owner gets his karma within a few seconds.   #very funny cat video   #karmacat


Test Your Attention

Skoda UK have produced a fantastic advert to launch their new 2015 Skoda Fabia model.  Just watch at the advert below and see what you think to it.


Personally I was amazed at just how lapse my attention is.

Isn’t it strange how your attention to an object can block out other things that are occurring at the moment in time.  Focusing your attention on an object is something that magicians do on a regular basis, it doesn’t need to be your eyes that are looking in the right direction.  This advert focuses your attention on the blue car by telling you about the benefits and uses words to influence your attention by describing what is aesthetically pleasing about the car.

The advert certainly has done its job. Several million people have watched the ad and they will, as you will, probably know that Skoda have released a new version of the Fabia range of cars.

Be honest,  did you spot the changes the first time you watched?


Funniest Animals Ever

This video has to be the funniest animal compilation video ever!


What Colour is this Dress?

Some say it is blue and black, while others state it is gold and white.  Take a look yourself and then ask a friend what colour they think it is?

Color dress


Freezing Child Experiment

As a society we always think that it is someone else’s problem.  If we see a fight break out then most people turn a blind eye and walk away, if we see a beggar then we tend to walk past and ignore them.  But, what would happen if you came across a child that was begging?  My guess is that you would walk straight past and ignore them, you’re too busy? right?  or, it’s not your problem? right?

It’s amazing that if you come across a starving animal then the first thing you would do is look in your pockets or bag for some food so you could stop it suffering.  It’s a shame that you won’t do the same for a human being, don’t you think?

Society needs to change its attitude and we all need to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves. The kid in this video could be your child!  Now your going thinking… ‘I would never…bla..bla..bla……….Honestly, change your attitude!  I’m sure if you thought long and hard enough then you could come up with a scenario that would fit.  Would you stop and help this kid?  Watch the video and see how many people do.

Would would you do if you came across this kid in the street.  Walk past?



Piratefox begging child

All About The Bass

Because you know I’m all about that bass,
‘Bout that bass, no treble
I’m all ’bout that bass, ’bout that bass, no treble
I’m all ’bout that bass, ’bout that bass, no treble
I’m all ’bout that bass, ’bout that bass

It certainly is all about the bass when clearing snow off your car in Russia.  Not sure this would work with your average Ford stereo though.




Funny Cat Video

Cat Jumps through Snow


You just have to love cats, especially when they make you laugh out loud, as the one in this video does.  Hope you enjoy and share with your friends.





Smoking Skunk

Don’t Smoke skunk!
There’s been a lot of media coverage lately about skunk. Apparently smoking skunk can cause mental issues and isn’t great if you suffer from paranoia, yes that means you!  Yes I m talking about you…everyone is talking you…who else did you think they are talking about?  Anyway, enough about you and what you are doing right now.  The video below shows what happens if you don’t smoke a skunk…Yes it’s a domesticated pet skunk.  Personally I feel they look a lot better running around the house than being stuffed in to a pipe and smoked.  No wonder the stuff stinks!

Pet Skunk…Enjoy


Making Eye Contact

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Making eye contact can have an amazing effect on you. Watch the video below and see how it affected these people, if you haven’t looked in to someones eyes for a long time then today is the day to try,

eye contact